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conservation of drogheda north lighthouse

by fmgarchitects.

north lighthouse_edited-1

We have been appointed by Drogheda Port Authority to prepare a conservation plan for the Drogheda North Lighthouse.

Drogheda North Lighthouse is one of three related lighthouses and associated buildings that were constructed and commissioned in 1842 by the Drogheda Harbour Commissioners to assist in guiding vessels along the estuary of the River Boyne to Drogheda Harbour, acting as both day marks and lighted marks aiding navigation. They were initially regarded as temporary structures and the west lighthouse was replaced in 1868 with a unique cylindrical lattice tower which moved on wheels/rails so that it’s alignment to the east tower could change with conditions in the estuary.

The photo above illustrate (1) Lantern Room of Drogheda North Lighthouse (2) View of Drogheda North Lighthouse (3) Drogheda East Lighthouse & West Lighthouse in Background (4) Detail of suspended rainwater catchers under air vent to dome.

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  1. Absolutely thrilled by this news. Can you tell me if the restoration is outside only, or inside too? I am a lighthouse aficionado and was wondering if it might be possible from time to time to come up to the site and report on how the work is progressing. Would love to get inside the lighthouse too, if possible, but appreciate I might not be allowed. Peter

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