Fergal McGirl - Conservation architect dublin


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Fergal began working in a family owned commercial construction company in the mid-1980s before architecture in Bolton St. DIT, Dublin and working in London & Paris design offices before qualifying in 1994. He worked for several conservation grade 1 conservation practices in Dublin including Richard Hurley & Associates and later Arthur Gibney & Partners before setting up private practice in 2000.

Fergal is an RIAI Grade 2 Conservation Architect and RIAI fellow and the practice has a focus on heritage projects and consultancy with clients including Waterways Ireland, Louth, Kildare and Westmeath County Councils, Drogheda Port Company, Smarmore Castle Private Clinic, DMOD Architects, BAM and Savills Building Consultancy Ireland.

Fergal completed the PMP certification & training in project management as well as various courses in sustainability and building energy efficiency including commercial & domestic energy rating assessments. He contributed to “Built to Last”, a Dublin City Council research project of the energy characteristics and retrofit potential of pre-1945 Dublin housing stock. I have acted as a selection board member for HPAL appointments in TUI School of Architecture, a visiting 4th year technology lecturer to the UCD School of Architecture, contributor to the Heritage Council Certificate in Energy Renovation for Traditional Buildings course  as well as other recent conservation conferences and seminars. In 2018, Fergal was appointed to the RIAI Historic Buildings Committee and acts as current secretary.

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