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carbon/life cycle/energy analysis (NEES) demonstration building in cloyne, co. cork

by fmgarchitects.

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We have prepared a report in conjunction with Sustineo and Building Life Consultancy to evaluate the environmental performance of a Natural Energy Efficiency and Sustainability (NEES) demonstration project in Cloyne, Co. Cork for South Kerry Development Partnership Ltd (SKDP).

The project is investigating the use of services and materials based on natural or recycled materials to improve the energy performance of new and existing buildings. A demonstration project is being carried out in Cloyne, Co. Cork, in which an existing Parnell Cottage is being refurbished and retrofitted using natural renewable and recycled materials that have been identified or considered by the NEES Project as “Best Practices”

The study will evaluate the performance of the proposed works and the improvement achieved using these NEES best practices, as compared to an equivalent ‘generic’ building based on standard construction (blocks and concrete) and chemical and manufactured materials and designs.

The dual evaluation will examine embodied energy, impacts on human health and internal environment, mass, enbodied greenhouse gas emissions, life cycle of materials and costs.

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