Fergal McGirl - Conservation architect dublin

duleek parish centre design, co. meath

view - from green v2010

We have developed a sketch design for a new parish centre for Duleek Village. The proposed development is located in a historically and archaeologically sensitive site adjacent to the church and graveyard in the centre of the village.

The building form establishes an edge to the church grounds as well as a community courtyard that functions as a focus for the buildings activities and the adjoining outbuildings of the parochial house.

The massing of the buildings creates an appropriately scaled edge and visual link in local materials between the parish house and church when viewed from the village green and defines street frontage along Church Lane. The large volume of the sports hall is absorbed by the topography of the site as a separate volume at the lower level of the site.

The positioning of the car park allows for possible future connections to the backlands of the adjoining sites.