Fergal McGirl - Conservation architect dublin

30-31 o’connell street, dublin 1 – facade repairs

IMG_2465 copy_webNos. 30-31 Lower O’Connell Street are part of a group of four buildings reconstructed in 1919 after the 1916 Easter Rising. Although the buildings were all developed separately by different architects and for different clients, their uniformity is a result of an expert committee established after the rising who produced a masterplan and guidelines for the reconstruction work to O’Connell Street.

The buildings resemble each other: all being four-storey over (concealed) basement with similar pilasters and continuous horizontal cornice and frieze (photos 1-4). They only distinction between the buildings is the fenestration patterns between the pilasters. No. 30 features a fully intact set of Edwardian steel  windows.

We were commissioned in 2018 by Malcolm Hollis Building Consultants to produce a heritage impact assessment for repair and upgrading works to the buildings.