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victorian railings reinstatement between the centuries

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We were looking at railing reinstatement work to 19 Gardiner Street Upper recently. The terrace of which it forms part is located at a typical fault line between the earlier 18th century Georgian development of the Mountjoy Square area and the Victorian development of Gardiner Street Upper further north which took place some 80-100 years later. The change in development pattern highlighted by the new building line & step back front gardens introduced to the Victorian houses illustrates the stylistic & planning shift between the Georgian townhouses to the south and the Victorian houses to the north, the latter of which began to introduce features typical of the later period including flights of steps to the front door, polychromatic brickwork, cast iron decorative railings, etc.

The house was one of a group of three that were built together and happily the original railing pattern is retained to one of them. The foundry tells us that they have over 1200 moulds & patterns available for almost all the castings found around the city. 

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