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conservation management plan, st. marys church, ravensdale, co. louth

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We have recently completed a Conservation Management Plan for St. Marys Church, Ravensdale.

Armagh Diocesan records indicate that construction began on St. Mary’s Church, Ravensdale in 1830. It was probably one of the first churches constructed in Co. Louth following Catholic Emancipation in 1829. An extension was later addedd in the 1860s which comprised of a new wing to the front/SW side of the building which changed the building to a “T” shaped plan. It is probable that the altar was moved to it’s current location at this stage to form the liturgical focal point of the enlarged plan.

This Conservation Management Plan was commissioned to provide a strategy for the medium and long- term monitoring, maintenance and on-going repair of the church in accordance with conservation principles. The report has been prepared to address the conservation of the building and it’s immediate curtilage. The Conservation Plan will identify all aspects of significance. Together with a statement of significance, the conservation plan will identify threats and set out conservation strategies that will address the threats and preserve the significance of the building and site.

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