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classification and typology of dublin houses

by fmgarchitects.

imageOne of the tasks of the “Built to Last” study of Dublin’s pre-1945 housing stock that we undertook with others for Dublin City Council in 2013 was a classification of Dublin’s house types from 1700-1945. The task was an ambitious one given the broad historic period and variety of houses from different periods to be considered.

We broadly generated the classifications/typologies from period (17th century/Georgian/Victorian, etc.), construction system (traditional/modern), size and construction features (parapets vs. eaves, etc.).

The matrix generated is illustrated in the slideshow below with each house given a representative date/age band, photographs, a typical location within the city and a general description of the type and features.

The list is not seen as being definitive but does illustrate the rich diversity of Dublin’s pre-1945 housing stock and may be a starting point for further research.

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