Fergal McGirl - Conservation architect dublin

16 henrietta street open ideas competition

by fmgarchitects.

2-webThe design addresses the issue of inserting a contemporary design into this highly sensitive historic setting by means of a double skin façade consisting of an outer skin of planar glazing which wraps the solid concrete inner shell of the building.

The planar glazing respects and completes the building line and height of the street in a contemporary material and echoes the presence of the lost fabric of no. 16 by means of a screen printed graphic of the fenestration pattern of the former façade.

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  1. Niall Allen says:

    Hi there, I just came across your design entry for the Henrietta competition and as a recent graduate of architecture found it to be very interesting. I was just wondering if you had any other images which I could possibly view, I have only been able to view the one perspective image available on your website.


  2. Hi Niall – thanks for your comments. We found a few extra images which we’ve posted above. Good luck with your future career

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