Fergal McGirl - Conservation architect dublin

conservation of old gaol wall, trim

IMG_6471 low resTrim Gaol was constructed c1832 and adopted the Panopticon design which provided for a radial or polygonal arc of cell blocks encircling a central inspection block where the governor could more easily monitor the prisoners and his staff and ensure a balanced and fair system of justice. Walled exercise yards filled the external spaces between the radiating cell blocks. The Panopticon system was developed and advocated by the English philosopher, social theorist and political economist Jeremy Bentham (1747-1832) who described his design form “as a machine to grind rogues honest”.

The gaol was demolished in the 1950’s with the site later used for the construction of Scoil Mhuire secondary school. The original external wall was retained, acting as a 96m long boundary wall to lands to the north of the site.

Conservation and consolidation works are proposed to be carried in 2019 including repointing, stone consolidation and weathering of parapet wall tops.