Fergal McGirl - Conservation architect dublin


16 henrietta street open ideas competition
The design addresses the issue of inserting a contemporary design into this highly sensitive historic setting by means of a double skin façade consisting of an outer skin of planar glazing which wraps the solid concrete inner shell of the building. The planar glazing respects and completes the building line and height of the street […] Read more – ‘16 henrietta street open ideas competition’.
trim castle hotel, co. meath
Following a successful developer-led competition, we prepared the design of Trim Hotel to planning application stage. The building consists of a compact four storey block contained by castle street to the east, a proposed new link road to Emmet Street to the north, existing church gardens to the south and a retained surface level car […] Read more – ‘trim castle hotel, co. meath’.
church spire, belfast cathedral
The design of the spire for an open competition was based around the concept of a system of hinged louvres which when in a closed position during the daytime present the spire as a copper clad entity and when opened and illuminated from below at night act as white powder coated light reflectors to create […] Read more – ‘church spire, belfast cathedral’.
U2 tower studio, britain quay, dublin
It was considered in the context of the overall grand canal dock masterplan that it was inappropriate to develop the relatively small campshire site with a vertically massed element as implied by the brief as a 95m high landmark building had already been granted planning permission immediately to the west of the site. A more […] Read more – ‘U2 tower studio, britain quay, dublin’.