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spab heart to hearth podcast series – traditional cobbling, carnaross, co. meath
One of the most endearing projects I was involved in in 2022 was the reinstatement of traditional cobbles to this c1700 farmyard near Carnaross, Co. Meath which has been the subject of a SPAB Heart to Hearth chats about Irish Vernacular Buildings podcast episode. The work was carried out under the Heritage Council’s Glas Traditional Farm […] Read more – ‘spab heart to hearth podcast series – traditional cobbling, carnaross, co. meath’.
insulating a historic roof from above
A house on Waterloo Road, Dublin 4 gets re-roofed for the first time since it was constructed c1850 supported by a BHIS 2023 grant. The opportunity was taken during the works to insulate the roof from above without interfering with sloped areas of lath & plaster ceilings below. Thermo Hemp Combi Jute was used which […] Read more – ‘insulating a historic roof from above’.
historic regional town bank development
The landed estate and the “big house” was the centre of the rural economy in Ireland in the 18th and early 19th century based on the agrarian rental system between landlords and tenant farmers. This changed in the late 19th century when after the famine declining rents resulted in many estates being massively encumbered with […] Read more – ‘historic regional town bank development’.
how to insulate and ventilate old house roofs
The roofspace can often present the “low hanging fruit” in terms of energy upgrade potential in a historic building by comparison with other heat loss elements such as walls, windows and floors. Unless the roof presents itself as a cold roof with a large accessible attic working space and a flat ceiling which can easily […] Read more – ‘how to insulate and ventilate old house roofs’.
lower Leeson street mews house
This 3-storey mews house was completed in early 2022 located within the curtilage of a protected Georgian townhouse. The building is carried out in a modern idiom to contrast with the original coachhouses that exist to some of the adjoining sites. The building is arranged with an open-plan ground floor which visually connects front and […] Read more – ‘lower Leeson street mews house’.
The white castle, athy conservation management plan
Athy is an Anglo-Norman town located at one of the principal bridges across the river Barrow which separated the Gaelic Irish of the midlands from the more Protestant controlled lands to the east of the river and closer to the Pale. The town was therefore subject to attack from the native Irish from the 14-16th […] Read more – ‘The white castle, athy conservation management plan’.
how to insulate old house walls
Above: (Left to right) Calcitherm Caclium Silicate board, Gutex wood fibre board, Remmers  iQtherm board, Diasen Diathonite While many of our traditional buildings have been sitting inefficient and unmolested for several hundred years, the development of improved energy standards and thermal comfort levels in modern buildings in recent years has created a new benchmark against which […] Read more – ‘how to insulate old house walls’.
buildings conservation reports
There are various types of conservation reports that typically get commissioned for heritage buildings: Architectural Heritage Impact Assessments (AHIA) This type of report typically accompanies a planning application to a Protected Structure. The report assesses the impact of the proposed development on the building and may recommend mitigation measures and include appropriate conservation method statements […] Read more – ‘buildings conservation reports’.
oldcastle, co. meath former RIC barracks building
The Royal Irish Constabulary (RIC) was the police force in Ireland (outside Dublin) from the early 19th century until 1922. From the 1850s the RIC performed a range of civil and local government duties together with their policing, integrating the constables with their local communities. While “barracks” in cities resembled those of the British Army, […] Read more – ‘oldcastle, co. meath former RIC barracks building’.
raheny extension design
An extension and energy upgrade project to a house in Raheeny is due to go on site in Summer 2020 after the lockdown period. The works extend the house to modern standards and the energy upgrade will improve the energy performance of the house to an A3 rating supported by a range of SEAI grants. Read more – ‘raheny extension design’.
meath extension design featured in self building magazine
Our extension to a house in Dunboyne, Co. Meath has featured in the Winter edition of Selfbuild Magazine. The extension replaces a previous extension from the 1990s to create a large open plan living space and studio space with wide aspect to a landscaped garden for a photographer and his family.   Read more – ‘meath extension design featured in self building magazine’.
victorian railings reinstatement between the centuries
  We were looking at railing reinstatement work to 19 Gardiner Street Upper recently. The terrace of which it forms part is located at a typical fault line between the earlier 18th century Georgian development of the Mountjoy Square area and the Victorian development of Gardiner Street Upper further north which took place some 80-100 […] Read more – ‘victorian railings reinstatement between the centuries’.
the future of living in period historic houses
The Upper Leeson Street Area Residents Association (ULSARA) have celebrated their 50th anniversary with the publication of a book of essays which describe the history and character of the area as well as the associations fight against uncontrolled development in the 1960s in the area. We were delighted to contribute to the publication with a […] Read more – ‘the future of living in period historic houses’.
athletics ireland office fit out
We collaborated with Ciaran Adamson Design  on another original project to design a new office fit out for Athletics Ireland, the national governing body for Athletics in Ireland. We sought to create an interior working space that reflected the ethos and identity of the sports body. Playful elements within the interior reflect the volunteer ethos […] Read more – ‘athletics ireland office fit out’.
cliff at lyons, celbridge – hotel development in a historic setting
We have recently provided conservation consultancy to OMS Architects for a planning application for the extension of the Cliff at Lyons Hotel, Celbridge . The sensitivity of the site relates to its proximity and historic relationship with the adjoining Lyons house and demesne. The existing historic hotel buildings originally formed a lockyard, flanking the Grand Canal. The […] Read more – ‘cliff at lyons, celbridge – hotel development in a historic setting’.
land commission cottage extension, garristown, fingal
We are thrilled to have had our extension/refurbishment a land commission cottage in Garristown, Fingal featured on the cover of the summer 2017 edition of Selfbuild magazine. The project retained the proportions and layout of the original house re-organised around a new entrance hall with a contemporary main living space the rear. Although the rear of […] Read more – ‘land commission cottage extension, garristown, fingal’.
when was my house built?
An article we did for the Sunday Independent Architect’s Advice column in September 2017. How do I find out when my house was built? – Independent.ie     Read more – ‘when was my house built?’.
conservation report of building and design consultancy, dundalk
We recently provided conservation consultancy to a local design team in Dundalk in relation to alterations, extension and change of use of two early 19th century buildings at 1-2 Seatown Place to cafe and residential use. The buildings are protected structures as well as being located in the Seatown Place ACA. Our input related to design […] Read more – ‘conservation report of building and design consultancy, dundalk’.
how to research the history of your house – sunday independent architect’s advice column
We prepared an article for last Sunday’s Sunday Independent on an approach to researching historic homes. For those that missed it, the text can downloaded below. How do I find out about the history of my house?     Read more – ‘how to research the history of your house – sunday independent architect’s advice column’.
early 20th century garden city roofscapes in marino, dublin
A large element of the character of Marino comes from it’s varied and unique roof lines generated by a variety of materials, roof types, features that follow the curving pattern of the roads and step with the levels of the area. A variety of roofing materials were used which emulated the style of estates at Roehampton and […] Read more – ‘early 20th century garden city roofscapes in marino, dublin’.
irish times – an irishman’s diary
The conservation works to Drogheda North Lighthouse (for more details see here) featured in An Irishman’s Diary in the Irish Times on 28.12.16. Full article below: Let there be light – An Irishman’s Diary on the restoration of the Drogheda North Light Read more – ‘irish times – an irishman’s diary’.
classification and typology of dublin houses
One of the tasks of the “Built to Last” study of Dublin’s pre-1945 housing stock that we undertook with others for Dublin City Council in 2013 was a classification of Dublin’s house types from 1700-1945. The task was an ambitious one given the broad historic period and variety of houses from different periods to be considered. […] Read more – ‘classification and typology of dublin houses’.
leeson street mews house dublin 2
We have a recent decision to grant planning permission for a mews development to the rear of a protected house on Leeson Steet Lower which is current on site in 2020. The three-storey development features an open plan living space at ground floor level and bedrooms at first and second floor accessed via a stairs light […] Read more – ‘leeson street mews house dublin 2’.
interior 1920s decorative schemes, marino, dublin 3
Most residential interior design projects these days feature the ubiquitous white or magnolia colour scheme to walls. We are involved in works to a modest house in Marino which has revealed a very different approach to interior colour schemes in the city from the 1920s. Residential development from this period predated the advent of central heating in ordinary […] Read more – ‘interior 1920s decorative schemes, marino, dublin 3’.
From knossos to killarney – what about historic building reconstruction?
Above: Temple of Knossos, Crete I recently visited the Temple of Knossos in Crete to see the remains of what was possibly the first city in Europe created by the Minoan civilization c.3000-1000 BC. The city was forgotten after it was abandoned but featured in Greek mythology until it was excavated in 1878 by Sir […] Read more – ‘From knossos to killarney – what about historic building reconstruction?’.
insulation/energy retrofit of a protected structure, balbriggan
Bedford House , Balbriggan, Co. Dublin was originally constructed as a glebe/rectory c1750 but was converted to a nursing home at the end of the 20th century with a substantial single-storey extension to the rear. It is a protected structure with a regional rating of importance on the NIAH. The new owners who wished to convert the […] Read more – ‘insulation/energy retrofit of a protected structure, balbriggan’.
experiences in modular building: is it more cost effective?
Above: Daoine Oga modular-built community childcare facility, Navan Is modular building a cost effective and efficient way to build? It depends. From 2001-2010 we were involved with the development of a number of similar-sized purpose-built childcare facilities on green-field sites under a national and later European childcare capital funding scheme. Towards the end of the building […] Read more – ‘experiences in modular building: is it more cost effective?’.
conservation-led design & visual impact assessment: bermed house, carlingford
We were engaged to provide conservation-led design input to a house in Carlingford located on a site situated on the line of a protected view of St. John’s Castle, a significant National Monument. The site is also considered to be part of the setting of the castle and is located on the edge of and […] Read more – ‘conservation-led design & visual impact assessment: bermed house, carlingford’.
carstown house irish times article may 2016
The Irish Times featured an article on the condition of Carstown House in May 2016. http://www.irishtimes.com/life-and-style/homes-and-property/who-will-save-this-crumbling-manor-1.2633407 More details about the works can be found here.     Read more – ‘carstown house irish times article may 2016’.
dublin and the 1974 central dublin traffic plan
  The shortcomings of coherent transport planning for Dublin has been well-publicised over the years. It is interesting however to look back at what we have been saved from. The image above was published in the Architectural Review in 1974 in a special edition on Dublin. The before-and-after image was prepared by the magazine to […] Read more – ‘dublin and the 1974 central dublin traffic plan’.
conservation of drogheda north lighthouse
We have been appointed by Drogheda Port Authority to prepare a conservation plan for the Drogheda North Lighthouse. Drogheda North Lighthouse is one of three related lighthouses and associated buildings that were constructed and commissioned in 1842 by the Drogheda Harbour Commissioners to assist in guiding vessels along the estuary of the River Boyne to […] Read more – ‘conservation of drogheda north lighthouse’.
is external wall insulation appropriate to dublin’s early 20th century housing stock?
External wall insulation has become more common in Dublin in recent years and has become prevalent in the early 20th century estates of Marino, Donnycarney, Cabra and Crumlin. If carried out correctly, It offers a technically robust method of insulating dwellings without impact on internal fittings and finishes. With many houses in these estates between […] Read more – ‘is external wall insulation appropriate to dublin’s early 20th century housing stock?’.
historic wall construction of dublin houses pre-1945
What are the walls of Dublin houses made of? Following the demise of timber-framed house construction in Dublin in the 17th century, the use of brick construction established itself in the early 18th century supported by an act of parliament in 1730 that stipulated quality control measures for local brickmaking. The houses of the 18th […] Read more – ‘historic wall construction of dublin houses pre-1945’.
repair of a dublin georgian staircase
The stairs in this protected Georgian building had suffered from movement caused by settlement of the party to the adjoining building during basement works. The top flight was a particular concern – this section of stairs was a later addition to a c19th century toilet addition over the stair landing. Opening up showed that the joists had poor […] Read more – ‘repair of a dublin georgian staircase’.
two projects featured in winter 2015 edition of selfbuild magazine
We have two Victorian projects featured in this months Selfbuild magazine. One is an energy upgrade retrofit of a Victorian house in Ranelagh, Dublin. See full story on selfbuild.ie The other is a feature on conservation works to a 19th century timber framed house in Greenore, Co. Louth. Read the full story on selfbuild.ie (Photography: […] Read more – ‘two projects featured in winter 2015 edition of selfbuild magazine’.
lead theft to historic buildings – carstown house, drogheda, louth
Carstown House, Drogheda is a 17th century protected structure of national importance and a recorded monument. It’s special significance and National Importance relates to the fact that a disproportionately small number of domestic dwellings exist from the 16th and 17th centuries. As much of the building dates from before 1700, it is listed as a […] Read more – ‘lead theft to historic buildings – carstown house, drogheda, louth’.
conservation management plan, st. marys church, ravensdale, co. louth
We have recently completed a Conservation Management Plan for St. Marys Church, Ravensdale. Armagh Diocesan records indicate that construction began on St. Mary’s Church, Ravensdale in 1830. It was probably one of the first churches constructed in Co. Louth following Catholic Emancipation in 1829. An extension was later addedd in the 1860s which comprised of […] Read more – ‘conservation management plan, st. marys church, ravensdale, co. louth’.
irish times feature on energy efficiency in period homes
Our Albany Road retrofit project of a Victorian house in Ranelagh featured in the property section of this weeks Irish Times. Click the link below for the full text of the article: Period Restoration: Channel energy into roof, floors and walls   Read more – ‘irish times feature on energy efficiency in period homes’.
design of childcare buildings – an architect’s experience
The development of childcare buildings as a distinct building typology in Ireland is a relatively recent phenomenon. The boom in the provision of purpose built childcare buildings has been driven by increased childcare demand originally forecasted in The 1998 Study on the Economics of Childcare in Ireland as the labour force and the number of […] Read more – ‘design of childcare buildings – an architect’s experience’.
conservation approach to dry rot treatment in historic buildings
We were asked to look into the cause of an outbreak of dry rot in an early 20th century farmhouse in Louth. The case that dry rot fungus requires a moisture source to develop and that it can be treated by addressing the sources of moisture is explored in “Timber Decay in Buildings: The Conservation […] Read more – ‘conservation approach to dry rot treatment in historic buildings’.
visual impact assessment of historic buildings and views
We have prepared a conservation architect visual impact statement for a residential development that potentially could have impacted on the views of King John’s Castle, Carlingford, Co. Louth and the Architectural Conservation Area of the town. A number of mitigation measures were developed and analysed with the building’s designers by means of photomontages including change […] Read more – ‘visual impact assessment of historic buildings and views’.
warrenstown house, co. meath featured in spring 2015 selfbuild magazine
We were pleased that the house at Warrenstown, Co. Meath was selected by Selfbuild magazine to be featured in their Spring 2015 edition….. When Michael and Gráinne Keane got the opportunity to purchase a site and move to the country, they jumped at the chance. Living in Dublin at the time, the idea of relocating to County Meath (Grainne […] Read more – ‘warrenstown house, co. meath featured in spring 2015 selfbuild magazine’.
Selfbuild magazine feature – Kilsallaghan land commission cottage extension
An extension and refurbishment of a family-owned land commission cottage to an A3 energy rating featured in the Winter 2014 edition of the Selfbuild Extend and Renovate magazine. Read more – ‘Selfbuild magazine feature – Kilsallaghan land commission cottage extension’.
irish georgian society awards 2014 shortlisting
We were delighted to have the conservation works to the house at Greenore, Co. Louth shortlisted in the 2014 Irish Georgian Society Conservation Awards. Well done to the winners – the high standard of the work was very impressive. Read more – ‘irish georgian society awards 2014 shortlisting’.
roman cement facade conservation, clontarf, dublin 3
We were asked act as architects to provide conservation consultancy to the repair of a Roman cement façade to a building dating from the 1850s on the seafront in Clontarf, Dublin 3. Although not a protected structure, the building is mentioned in “From Village to Suburb: The Building of Clontarf since 1760” by Claire Gogarty. […] Read more – ‘roman cement facade conservation, clontarf, dublin 3’.
carbon/life cycle/energy analysis (NEES) demonstration building in cloyne, co. cork
We have prepared a report in conjunction with Sustineo and Building Life Consultancy to evaluate the environmental performance of a Natural Energy Efficiency and Sustainability (NEES) demonstration project in Cloyne, Co. Cork for South Kerry Development Partnership Ltd (SKDP). The project is investigating the use of services and materials based on natural or recycled materials to […] Read more – ‘carbon/life cycle/energy analysis (NEES) demonstration building in cloyne, co. cork’.
1 pembroke road, dublin 2 conservation architect consultancy
No. 1 Pembroke Road dates from c1850 and formed part of the development of the Pembroke Estate which was developed from 1834 onwards. The estate was influenced by classical trends of Europe which influenced the style of the houses and the planning of straight and wide tree lined streets. Planning regulations were enforced through ground […] Read more – ‘1 pembroke road, dublin 2 conservation architect consultancy’.
history of marino estate, dublin 3 – architecture and design influences
Above: Marino estate under construction The history of the Marino estate in Dublin is of interest being the first inter-war housing development in Ireland to be influenced by the then new “garden suburbs” ideas encapsulated in the Tudor Walters Report in the UK and it’s Irish counterpart, PC Cowan’s 1918 Report on Dublin Housing. This […] Read more – ‘history of marino estate, dublin 3 – architecture and design influences’.
dublin city council research study of energy efficiency in pre-1945 historic dwellings in dublin city
We are pleased to form part of a consortium appointed by Dublin City Council to research the characteristics and energy upgrade potential of pre-1945 historic dwellings in Dublin City. The consortium comprises of Building Life Consultancy, Fergal McGirl Architects and IHER Energy Services. We will carry out a particular role in classification of dwelling types from […] Read more – ‘dublin city council research study of energy efficiency in pre-1945 historic dwellings in dublin city’.
early 20th century window patterns in the marino estate, dublin
The evolution of 20th century windows is illustrated in Marino. The extracts from photographs from the Dublin City Archive in the slideshow above illustrate the window patterns from the time it was built as the first social housing of the newly-independent Free State (for more on the planning history of the estate see here). Marino was built […] Read more – ‘early 20th century window patterns in the marino estate, dublin’.
no need to conserve – selfbuild magazine spring 2013
Feature article on Partmarnock extension published in Spring 2013 edition of Selfbuild & Improve Your Home. Read more – ‘no need to conserve – selfbuild magazine spring 2013’.
caution with glass box extensions!
We prepared an article for the Winter Edition of Selfbuild & Improve Your Home magazine examining the area of allowable glazing and energy efficiency in extensions. The article also featured a commentary on the Northern Ireland regulations which would seem to have a lot more latitude than ours. The full article can be viewed at: […] Read more – ‘caution with glass box extensions!’.
ideal home show top home energy saving tips
Fergal was speaking at the Home Energy Show area of the Ideal Home Show at the RDS, Dublin on the bank holiday weekend 26 – 29th October with Gerry Duffy of Eurotech and Simon Jones of Aereco. He gave a presentation on “Insulations Made Simple” and a trade masterclass on Part L (Energy Conservation) 2011 […] Read more – ‘ideal home show top home energy saving tips’.
something old something new
Full page article on the Mount Merrion A2 rated house featured in an Irish Times supplement in September 2012. Read more – ‘something old something new’.
clachan village, whitestown, co. louth
We were recently engaged to prepare a conservation plan for  a building in Whitestown, Co. Louth. Whitestown is an example of the “Clachan” rural settlement pattern which was based on the rundale system of collective farming often organised among one or more extended families. The existing fabric of the village is of historical and social […] Read more – ‘clachan village, whitestown, co. louth’.
energy upgrade of victorian house, ranelagh, dublin
The owner of a Victorian house in Dublin had suffered an uncomfortably cold period during the severe winter of 2010. We were approached  to examine options to make the house more thermally efficient. Having first carried out an energy audit of the house, we developed a package of measures which we considered to be practical […] Read more – ‘energy upgrade of victorian house, ranelagh, dublin’.
REPS 4 traditional farm buildings grants scheme conservation
Conservation is not just about the grand houses. We were pleased to have completed our first project under the Heritage Council REPS 4 Traditional Farm Buildings Grants Scheme at a traditional barn dating from the 1600s on the Cooley Peninsula near Dundalk. The scheme provides grant assistance for the repair of traditional farm buildings of […] Read more – ‘REPS 4 traditional farm buildings grants scheme conservation’.
a room with a view – plan magazine february 2012
A four page feature on the Mount Merrion A2 rated house was published in the February 2012 edition of Plan Magazine. Read more – ‘a room with a view – plan magazine february 2012’.
meet the A team – sunday times january 2012
This Sunday Times article looked at several A rated energy efficient houses which also achieved a high level of aesthetics and quality appearance. Our own Mount Merrion project featured in the article. Read more – ‘meet the A team – sunday times january 2012’.
stephenson gibney house, ratoath
Having worked for both Sam Stephenson as an assistant in London in the summer of 1989 and Arthur Gibney & Partners in Dublin for four years after college, I was surprised to learn that there was a Stephenson Gibney house in Ratoath when I was contacted by the owners in March 2010. The house which […] Read more – ‘stephenson gibney house, ratoath’.
dublin civic trust energy efficiency in traditional buildings seminar
A seminar was held by the Dublin Civic Trust on Tuesday outlining the challenges in relation to energy upgrading of historic buildings. Fergal was a speaker on the day in addition to Duncan Stewart, Moses Jenkins of Historic Scotland and Kevin O’Rourke of SEAI. The day which was attended by architects, conservation officers, planners and […] Read more – ‘dublin civic trust energy efficiency in traditional buildings seminar’.
selfbuild extend & renovate autumn 2011
“From the Ground Up” feature article on demolition and reconstruction of low energy A2 BER rated house in Mount Merrion, Co. Dublin feature with heat pump cost analysis case study. From the Ground up – SelfBuild & Improve Your Home   Read more – ‘selfbuild extend & renovate autumn 2011’.
LAMA awards ceremony 2011
Navan Community Childcare (Daoine Oga) was nominated in the category of best community initiative in the 2011 LAMA Awards. The ceremony was held in the Crown Plaza Hotel last Saturday. The project was pipped by Ardara Urban and Village Regeneration Project (nominated by Donegal County Council) – a good night was nevertheless had by all! […] Read more – ‘LAMA awards ceremony 2011’.
presidential opening at first steps childcare
Following on from the opening of Le Cheile Community Childcare in Navan in March 2009, Mary McAleese was back this year to open the First Steps Facility in Dunshaughlin. The President was welcomed to the First Steps Childcare Centre in Lagore, by its chairperson Ellen Cogavin. The ceremony began with a blessing by Fr Clavin, […] Read more – ‘presidential opening at first steps childcare’.
construct ireland sept/oct 2010
News article of live monitoring of Ochener air source heat pump at Dunshaughlin Childcare Facility.   Read more – ‘construct ireland sept/oct 2010’.
construct ireland may/june 2010
“Slane Barn Converted to Low Energy Home” feature article of low energy retrofit/conversion of agricultural outbuilding at Slane, Co. Meath. Follow the link below to read the article: Slane barn conversion – CI Iss 1, Vol 5   Read more – ‘construct ireland may/june 2010’.
construct ireland sept/oct 2009
“Does Old Mean Cold?” research article on achieving energy conservation in historic buildings. The article includes an analysis of upgrade measures to a typical Dublin Georgian townhouse and their impact on the energy rating of the building. Follow the link below to read the article: Fergal McGirl articl#2924D9 Read more – ‘construct ireland sept/oct 2009’.
16 henrietta street open ideas competition
The design addresses the issue of inserting a contemporary design into this highly sensitive historic setting by means of a double skin façade consisting of an outer skin of planar glazing which wraps the solid concrete inner shell of the building. The planar glazing respects and completes the building line and height of the street […] Read more – ‘16 henrietta street open ideas competition’.
road infrastructure heritage impact assessment – co. meath
Moygaddy House, Moygaddy, Co. Meath is a two storey over basement Georgian house with attendant courtyard stable outbuildings, paddock and gardens. It was most likely built in the mid 19th century as a farmhouse and equestrian breeding centre. We prepared a heritage impact assessment report to assess the impact of a proposed commercial development masterplan […] Read more – ‘road infrastructure heritage impact assessment – co. meath’.
duleek credit union, co. meath
Duleek Credit Union purchased a 1.5 acre site in 2003 in order to develop an upgraded and enlarged facility and to provide adequate car parking. The design features a two storey banking hall that frames a view of the town from the banking hall and allows the internal activities of the community facility to be […] Read more – ‘duleek credit union, co. meath’.
trim castle hotel, co. meath
Following a successful developer-led competition, we prepared the design of Trim Hotel to planning application stage. The building consists of a compact four storey block contained by castle street to the east, a proposed new link road to Emmet Street to the north, existing church gardens to the south and a retained surface level car […] Read more – ‘trim castle hotel, co. meath’.
church spire, belfast cathedral
The design of the spire for an open competition was based around the concept of a system of hinged louvres which when in a closed position during the daytime present the spire as a copper clad entity and when opened and illuminated from below at night act as white powder coated light reflectors to create […] Read more – ‘church spire, belfast cathedral’.
U2 tower studio, britain quay, dublin
It was considered in the context of the overall grand canal dock masterplan that it was inappropriate to develop the relatively small campshire site with a vertically massed element as implied by the brief as a 95m high landmark building had already been granted planning permission immediately to the west of the site. A more […] Read more – ‘U2 tower studio, britain quay, dublin’.
soccer clubhouse design, ratoath, co. meath
The soccer clubhouse design was planned as a compact narrow block to minimise impact on the width of the existing pitches. Changing rooms and bar/pitch storage are accommodated at ground floor level. Bar/function room, configured as a sub dividable open plan space are located at first floor level to maximise views over the pitches. A […] Read more – ‘soccer clubhouse design, ratoath, co. meath’.
RIAI the new housing
Moatlands estate, Ratoath featured in RIAI publication showcasing examples of imaginative housing schemes. Read more – ‘RIAI the new housing’.
irish architect nov/dec 2002
Feature article on Jamestown Childcare Centre phase I, Ratoath.   Read more – ‘irish architect nov/dec 2002’.
grade II architect accredited in conservation, dublin
We were pleased this week to have received notification from the RIAI of Fergal’s accreditation in conservation at Grade II level. The accreditation process followed on from Fergal’s accreditation at Grade III level in 2003 and involved the submission of details of his conservation experience to date and five detailed dossiers of projects/papers completed. Fergal […] Read more – ‘grade II architect accredited in conservation, dublin’.