marlborough road, dublin 4 protected house extension and conservation

This house on Marlborough Road was developed by Patrick Cranny around 1880 as part of the Victorian suburban development of The Pembroke Estate at that time. Patrick Cranny operated a successful shoemakers in South Great Georges Street and subsequently began developing lands around Bushfield Avenue (the original name for Marlborough Road) in the 1870s. The southside of the road was subsequently developed as larger three storey houses. Although most of the houses on the street were built in distinct terraces with their own names, they were eventually combined into the general name of Marlborough Road in 1883 following the death of the Duke of Marlborough.

We were engaged as conservation architect to restore the building (which has been in office use since 1971) to a residence. We have recently been granted planning permission for a comprehensive programme of conservation works and contemporary extension to the house as part of its restoration to domestic use. Works are due to commence on site in January 2014.